Energy-Boosting, Protein & Immune-Supporting Supplements

Why We Promote Perfect Supplements

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  • Their supplement quality is amazing – whole food-based and pure!
  • They always provide proof of purity.
  • All Perfect Supplements brand products are Perfectly Pure Certified (independent 3rd party certified)!
  • They carry a wonderful selection of energy boosting, immune supporting and protein-packed, health supporting supplements! 
  • Perfect Supplements is the only brand in the world that has 100% pesticide-free grass-fed collagen
  • Perfect Supplements is officially the only company and the first collagen to get the Glyphosate Residue Free Certification (by the Detox Project)! The other brands that you see in Whole Foods Market and other natural foods stores do not have this certification and purity lab testing.
  • Their customer service is the best!

Health Benefits of Energy-Boosting Supplements

>> Improve Energy <<

>> Improve Endurance <<

>> Improve Focus & Mental Clarity <<

>> Aid in Reaching Fitness Goals <<

Perfect Supplements energy boosting supplements are perfect for everyone! Whether you need a little uplifting boost to help you get-up-and-go or enough energy to sustain a cardio kickboxing and kettlebell class, Perfect Supplements has the best all natural energy boosting supplements!

From B vitamins to iron, protein and adaptogen herbs – there are plenty of ways that you can boost your energy and endurance for stamina that makes you feel like a badass.

Why Give Perfect Supplements a Try

If you’re wondering if you should give any of their supplements a try or if you’re unsure if they’re safe for you and your family – Perfect Supplements does 3rd party lab testing and certification on all of their products and Perfect Supplements offers a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee, so give some of their supplements a try!

You can’t lose from trying any Perfect Supplements – you can even try out the whole bottle and if you feel it doesn’t work for you, you can still get your money back.

You can return an empty bottle and get a full refund – they offer an amazing 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Collagen

Glyphosate Residue Free Certified Hydrolyzed Grass-fed Collagen

  • Collagen is known to help support the gut lining and digestion, support bone health, support teeth and joint health, support skin health, support a healthy metabolism, promote healthy brain function and so much more!
  • Promotes Building and Restoring Muscle
  • 10 grams of protein per serving
  • High Bioavailability
  • It dissolves in cold or hot liquids and has almost no taste or flavor.
  • Free of Pesticides, Hormones, Chemicals and Contaminants
  • World’s First Certified Glyphosate Residue Free Collagen

Usage Ideas: During the colder months, add a scoop to your favorite hot warming drink like herbal tea/coffee, matcha or homemade nourishing hot chocolate. During the hotter months, add 1-2 scoops to smoothies and shakes.

Bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Dessicated Liver

Perfect Dessicated Liver – Nutrient Dense Source of Naturally Occurring High Quality Protein & Iron

  • Grass-fed Perfect Desiccated Liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods and it’s rich in iron and B vitamins.
  • Some people believe that liver stores toxins, when in fact, the liver filters toxins and stores vitamins and minerals. Because of its function, liver is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods in existence. (source)
  • It’s a nutrient-dense source of high quality protein.
  • Perfect Desiccated Liver naturally boosts energy.
  • It helps support the immune system, boost metabolism, support digestion, cardiovascular health, healthy blood sugar levels and more!
  • The Only Desiccated Liver to Receive Perfectly Pure Certification
  • It comes in capsules and in bulk powder form.

Usage Ideas: Add 4 capsules to meatloaf, meatballs, burgers, chili, Sloppy Joes, etc. It mixes great into pretty much any ground beef-based meal – even homemade spaghetti sauce!

A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Baobab

Perfect Baobab Raw Fruit Powder

  • Coach Rudy often drinks this after his workouts/coaching clients to help replenish and restore minerals. He has also taken this to help support his immune system. 
  • Baobab is super rich with antioxidants (more than goji berries or pomegranates), iron, potassium, magnesium and soluble fiber.
  • It’s known to help support a healthy immune system and support balancing ph in the intestinal tract.
  • It has a prebiotic effect and helps support building good bacteria in the intestines.
  • It’s high mineral content helps replenish the body after exercise!

Usage Ideas: Whisk/shake it into cold drinks like iced tea or add a scoop into smoothies (it’s especially good in tropical fruit based smoothies: ex. frozen bananas, mango, pineapple, etc.)

A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Acai.

Perfect Açaí

  • Açaí is known for being one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world. It’s extremely high in antioxidants and has essential vitamins and minerals like iron and calcium, omega fatty acids 3, 6, and 9, dietary fiber and amino acids.
  • It’s known for increasing energy and stamina and for supporting the immune system, supporting sleep, promoting healthier skin and hair and for supporting reducing inflammation.
  • Perfect Açaí is made with pure freeze dried Açaí skin and pulp and will never contain Açaí berry seeds (the seeds are almost always in other supplements and frozen smoothie packs).
  • It comes in capsules and powder form.

Usage Ideas: Empty capsules or the bulk powder into smoothies for an extra nutrient boost!

A container of Perfect Supplements Perfect Matchinga.

Perfect Matchinga – Organic Matcha & Organic Moringa

  • This superfood green powder supplement is loaded with antioxidants, iron, vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. 
  • It’s known to increase energy levels, boost mood, help aid detoxing chemicals and heavy metals from the body, naturally boost metabolism and provide calm, focused energy. 
  • Matchinga is known to increase mental clarity, promote healthy inflammatory response, kickstart the process of reducing stored body fat and aid in detoxing chemicals and heavy metals from the body. 
  • It contains just 28mg of all natural caffeine per serving (a cup of coffee has way more, about 100mg).

Usage Ideas: Add 1 scoop to your favorite warming drink, tea, latte, shake or smoothies or simply whisk/shake 1 scoop into filtered water.

A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect MCT oil.

Perfect MCT Oil – 100% Organic Coconut MCTs

  • Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), also referred to as Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs), are healthy fatty acids that bypass the digestive system and are quickly processed by the liver as an easily absorbed source of fast and sustainable energy for your body and brain!
  • It’s known to increase energy levels, improve mental clarity, boost the mood and support healthy brain function.
  • MCTs help support gut function, digestion and a healthy metabolism and is also known to support aiding in the process of reducing stored body fat.

Usage Ideas: Start slow and gradually increase to 1 tbsp added to your smoothies, favorite hot warming drinks or homemade salad dressing.

A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola Rosea – An Adaptogen Herb

  • An ‘adaptogen’ is an herb that can help the body ‘adapt’ by normalizing body systems while increasing the resistance to adverse influences like anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. (source)
  • Rhodiola rosea is known to increase energy and boost endurance and stamina.
  • It’s also known for supporting the immune system, uplifting the mood, supporting mental clarity and so much more!
A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Cordyceps.

Perfect Cordyceps Sinensis – An Adaptogen

  • Perfect Cordyceps sinensis is known to help support and boost energy, endurance and overall vitality.
  • It’s known to help support and increase lung and oxygen capacity.
  • It’s also known to help maintain and support the liver, kidneys, heart and respiratory systems and much more!

A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect ResGrape.

ResGrape – Resveratrol and Organic Muscadine Grape

  • Resveratrol is a polyphenol compound that is believed to be responsible for many of the health benefits associated with red wine. Each serving of Perfect ResGrape contains as much resveratrol as 700 glasses of red wine; and the potential health benefits are equally enormous. (source)
  • It’s known to help support healthy cardiovascular function and the immune system and so much more! 
  • It’s full of antioxidants!
A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Aquatic Greens.

Perfect Aquatic Greens – Blend of Spirulina & Chlorella

  • Perfect Aquatic Greens is a super micro-algae containing over 100 nutrients – it’s rich with vitamins A, C, E and all of the B vitamins, minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium, fatty acids and protein.
  • It’s known for helping support liver health, blood sugar levels and healthy iron levels and so much more!
  • It comes in capsules and powder form.
A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Plant Protein.

Organic Perfect Plant Protein

  • Organic Perfect Plant Protein is made from a blend of equal parts pumpkin seed, hemp seed and sacha inchi seed.
  • It’s a complete vegan protein containing all 9 essential amino acids plus other amino acids – it’s 17g of Protein per 1 scoop and is rich in magnesium and potassium!
  • It’s known to help build and support lean muscle growth and boost energy.
  • It also helps support the immune system, support digestion, support cardiovascular health and much more! 
  • Free of all the things: Vegan, Paleo, Keto (just 4 grams of Carbs), USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Nut Free, Grain Free, Soy Free, Pea Free, Legume Free, No Added Sugar & No Synthetics!

Usage Ideas: Mix it with chocolate milk or non-dairy chocolate milk, blend it into smoothies (it’s great with frozen bananas and/or frozen organic berries) – the more you shake it or blend it, the smoother it gets! Try making a quick shake with 2 cups milk or non-dairy milk of choice, 1 scoop Perfect Plant Protein, 1 tbsp fair-trade cocoa or cacao powder, 1-2 tbsp raw honey or maple syrup, 1 cup ice and optional add-in’s 1 tsp pure vanilla extract or 1 drop therapeutic-grade peppermint essential oil. Put everything into a blender and mix until combined. Enjoy!

A bottle of Perfect Supplements Perfect Magnesium.

Perfect Magnesium

  • Magnesium helps to activate over 300 enzymes, the catalyst for every function in the body. It is needed for electrolyte transport across cellular membranes – key to effective nerve conduction, muscle contraction and cardiac function. (source)
  • High Bioavailability
  • Lab Tested For Heavy Metals
  • 100% Pure and Natural Magnesium Citrate – 338 mg of Elemental Magnesium per serving
  • Organic, No Synthetics & Non-GMO
  • It comes in capsules and powder form.
  • High solubility and gut absorption rate!
A bottle of Perfect Supplements vitamin C.

Perfect Acerola (Vitamin C)

  • Whole food, real food, non-synthetic vitamin C!
  • 1 serving provides over 267% of your RDA!
  • Powerful antioxidant!
  • Helps support the immune system!
  • It helps increase the absorption of iron. 
  • It’s needed for the body to make collagen. 
  • It’s known to help strengthen and repair skin.

Usage Ideas: Add 1/4 tsp to water, juice or smoothie and stir/whisk/shake/blend to combine. 

A bottle of Perfect Supplements organic bone broth powder.

Perfect Bone Broth

  • This unflavored bone broth powder is made from 100% USDA organic, USA-sourced, free-range chickens.
  • It’s 96% Protein and contains Type I, II, and III Collagen.
  • It’s filled with collagen, gelatin, 19 amino acids (including all 9 essential amino acids), glucosamine, chondroitin and numerous other nutrients!
  • It’s known to support joint and skin health, gut function and digestion and healthy brain function. 
  • It’s known to help build and restore muscle!

Usage Ideas: Whisk 1-2 scoops into hot water and season to enjoy on its own! Try seasoning with mineral-rich, healthy, sea salt like Redmond Real Salt or Redmond Real Salt Organic Season Salt. Add herbs or spices to your liking. You can also add it to soups, stews, chili, gravy, risotto and more! 

A bottle of Perfect Supplements Revive supplement.

Perfect Açaí Revive

  • This caffeine-free formula was created to increase energy, endurance and athletic performance while simultaneously boosting cognitive function.
  • It contains organic Açaí berry, Cordyceps sinensis mushroom, Rhodiola rosea root and grape seed extract.
  • This energy powerhouse, packed with antioxidants, is known to help support lung function, oxygen capacity, the immune system, stress levels, mood and more! 
  • It’s also known to boost endurance and stamina!


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