Who is the Head Coach at Apex Predator MMA?

Why should I join Apex Predator MMA?

Whether you’re an up and comer or a seasoned pro, Apex Predator MMA is building winners. Join our program and become part of a team that is kicking the door in at competitions. At Apex Predator you won’t sit on the sidelines while “Top Dogs” hog the spotlight. Everyone gets a shot and everyone gets along. Our “no ego” policy promotes a camaraderie that is making champions.

Where is Apex Predator MMA located?

Apex Predator MMA is located at 11050 Coloma Road, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670. We serve the greater Sacramento area which includes Rancho Cordova, Sacramento City, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Galt, and Islet​on​.

What is the best way to contact Apex Predator MMA?

The best way to contact Apex Predator MMA is to send a text directly to owner and head coach, Rudy at (916) 718-3704. Texts will be answered same day.

What awards has Apex Predator MMA won?

Apex Predator MMA has won multiple individual and company awards since its opening the doors in 2021.

  • ALL STAR BJJ TOUR Gold medalist – Edgar Alberto – Stockton, CA, March 2022
  • AMERICAN CUP BJJ TOUR Gold medalists – Edgar Alberto & Jose Sandoval – San Jose, CA, May 2022
  • AMERICAN NATIONAL IBJJF JIU-JITSU CHAMPIONSHIP Bronze medalist – Edgar Alberto – Las Vegas, NV, July 2022
  • BJJ TOUR SANTA CRUZ CHAMPIONSHIP Gold medalist – Edgar Alberto – Santa Cruz, CA, September 2022
  • BJJ TOUR US OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Gold medalist – Edgar Alberto – San Jose, CA, December 2022
  • BJJ ALL STAR TOURNAMENT Gold medalist – Edgar Alberto – Fremont, CA, February 2023
  • BJJ TOUR SILICON VALLEY TOURNAMENT Bronze medalist – Victor Doering – Silicon Valley, May 2023
  • PRIMAL FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP – MMA CAGE FIGHT Winner by TKO 155 LB – Victor Doering – Redding, July 2023

Do you offer private training?

Yes, private lessons are by appointment only and includes boxing mitt target training and Thai pad kickboxing workouts. Text Rudy at (916) 718-3704 to get started.

What do I need to do/bring to my first class?

  • Text or call Rudy at (916) 718-3704 to arrange a time to attend your FREE introductory MMA class. (For self defense classes, register prior to attending.)
  • Fill out the waiver online
  • Wear gym-appropriate training gear
  • Bring a water bottle (and towel if needed)
  • Boxing gloves will be provided during your trial, but are required after membership sign-up
  • On-site cubbies can be used to store personal belongings* – please be sure to collect belonging at the end of class.

*APEX PREDATOR MMA LLC cannot be responsible for personal valuables left inside the facility and will not be liable for lost or stolen personal items or valuables.

Do I have to fill our a waiver?

Does Apex Predator MMA offer women’s self defense classes?

Yes, we now are offering women’s self defense classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 7pm. Sign up for one or multiple lessons. It is a great way to gain strength while learning how to protect yourself. Take a single class for $20 or sign up to strengthen your knowledge and body with a monthly membership at $50/month. Submit both the waiver and payment prior to attending.

Does Apex Predator MMA offer kids’ classes?

Yes, we have kids MMA classes so your little one can brave this fast changing world that we live in and hold their own. Kids’ classes are held at 6pm every weekday with Friday nights reserved for “Fight Night”.

What is Fight Night?

Fight Night is held every Friday night. It gives members the opportunity to compete with equally matched opponents.

Do I have to compete to join?

No, you don’t have to compete. Apex Predator has all levels. Whether you’re a cage fighter going pro or simply looking to get in the best shape of your life with cardio kickboxing and kettlebell classes – we’ve got your back!

What are people saying about Apex Predator MMA?

What is the belt progression?

Belt progression is as follows:

White, Blue, Purple, Brown, and then Black

    How are belt progressions awarded?

    Belt progressions are awarded either by test or competing.

      What types of disciplines are taught at Apex Predator MMA?

      Apex Predator MMA offers the most complete fighting system in combat sports. We offer the styles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for MMA, Boxing, Vale Tudo, Wrestling, Kickboxing, Judo, Sambo and Shotokan Karate combined. Vidaurri MMA is the most comprehensive discipline and gives the very best that all combat sports have to offer.

      Can I pause (or cancel) my membership?

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